Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Moving Offscreen App Back to Primary Workspace

Note: This trick applies to Windows OS only.

Most people using a notebook PC with two monitors will often move some applications off to the external monitor for various reasons. And just as often, when they detach their notebooks, they will forget to move the applications back to the primary monitor as I do.

If not written smartly, those applications will continue to reside in the now illusory monitor when the notebook is re-awaken without the external monitor attached. Rebooting does not always help, thus making those applications inaccessible for use. (Smart applications will detect that the previous location on screen is untenable and will pop back into the main monitor.)

To bring an errant application back to the primary monitor, following these steps:

  1. Alt-tab to the errant application.
  2. Alt-space to bring up the errant application's Windows menu and select Move.
  3. Use left or right cursor as appropriate repeatedly to move the application back to where you can see it.

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